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Pachube controlled Glockenspiel (Work in progress)

Posted on | September 5, 2010 | No Comments

I finally got my ebay parcel of components yesterday and i now hope to incorporate many of the parts into the next phase of my Pachube project.

I was lucky to win this item on ebay, which consists of 3 glockenspiels and a huge amount of solenoids, capacitors, diodes, relays, potentiometers, buttons, switches, PCB board, power supplies, cables, LED’s etc.. I feel very, very lucky to have gotten these parts which were previously used in an uncompleted project attempting to make a midi controlled glockenspiel triggered by solenoids.

I’ve got a huge amount of work ahead, trying to use the solenoids to trigger the glockenspiel using data from Pachube (Energy usage levels from locations around the world, my home energy usage levels also incorporated into the project).

Shown below are a few photographs showing the items being unpacked.


I would like to thank Richard (ebay seller) for sending me the items which i hope to incorporate into the next phase of my project. As mentioned previously, my plan is to suspend the glockenspiel notes vertically using wire attached to either end of the notes, but will need to figure out a method of allowing the solenoids to retract to their original postiton once they have struck the notes (may need to modify the solenoids).

Lots and lots of work ahead, but hopefully this should give me a good starting point in which to progress further with my project.

For details of my current progress so far, please see this blog post (LINK)


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