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RGB LED Update

Posted on | October 22, 2010 | No Comments

Had a bit of a major breakthrough earlier today, with regards to using my RGB LED’s for my project.

I had previously thought that i would need 3 channels of PWM to light each RGB LED, but luckily….as i only need to use the RED and GREEN outputs for my project (to fade from green to  yellow to red), i have luckily managed to light each LED using just 2 channels of PWM (woohoo!)

I’ve tied the Blue output for each RGB LED to a digital output and simply turned that output off, to bypass the Blue colour being used.

This small (but major breakthrough) will make my project a lot easier to complete. I’ve ordered 3 TLC5940 chips, which will give 16 channels of PWM per chip (16 x 3 = total of 48 channels of PWM), so in theory, i could possibly have 24 LED’s being used on my map (2 channels of PWM per LED).

I’m currently hacking the Maxuino patch (maxuino v.7 for Max/Msp), to compensate for the extra digital outputs on my Arduino Mega (53 Digital outputs).

I hope to try out my TLC5940 chips as soon as they get delivered, using this tutorial as an example: LINK



Managed to get 6 RGB LED’s connected via Maxuino. I extended the digital outputs up to 53 by editing the maxuino patch (to switch the BLUE values on/off) and i’m using 12 PWM channels for the RED/GREEN values for the 6 RGB LED’s.

Here are some examples below:


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