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Project Update November 19th 2010

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Yet another update. I spent the morning replacing the previous map with this newer version. Hopefully, this new darker map helps to show the LED points on the map in more detail (Public Domain map courtesy of Nasa: LINK)

The previous versions showed different map displays (more recently using a different public domain map from NASA), although I have since updated the map once more (with the darker map showing light levels).

Other revisions include:
I’ve assigned the circular markers (which surround each LED on the map) to blink when new data is received. I think this adds a new element to the project, for it gives a visual update to the data as well as the audible change in the frequency of the sine waves.

I created the standalone application (shown in the video) using Max/Msp for my current university module. I’m planning on creating a gallery installation in 2011 for my final university project. As always, i would like to thank (for the real-time electricity consumption data) and also Current Cost LTD, the creators of the excellent Current Cost Energy Monitor.

For further details on this project, please see earlier blog posts. Thank you.


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