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Project Update November 21st 2010

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Max/Msp standalone app (update Nov 21st 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo.

Update Nov.21st 2010

The video above shows the final stages of my standalone max/msp application, using Pachube (electricity consumption) data to control audible sinewaves. As you can see in the video, i’ve now reverted back to the previous map display which adds much more colour to the project. I’ve kept the yellow pulses which surround the LED locations on the map, which blink when the Pachube data is received for that location.

I’m currently working on the packaging, which will be handed in as a prototype for my current university module.

Had a great lecture this morning with my one of my tutors Nic Finch, detailing the various types of packaging used for distributing media (Vinyl/Cd’s/Flash drives/Mini SD cards etc. It definitely got me thinking on how i can present the standalone app.

I shall be uploading a few Max/Msp patches over the next few days, giving further details on how i’m receiving the data from Pachube and into max/msp. I hope to add a few example sketches which can be adapted to allow other users to choose data feeds they wish to import. I’ve made a few improvements to the max patches, and i hope it may help other max/msp users to import their own data streams from Pachube.

If any pachube users would like to try out the Max/Msp application (which runs as a standalone OSX application), please contact me using the contact page at the top of this blog. The app just needs a valid Pachube API key, for testing. Any feedback regarding the application would be a huge help to me.

I’m still making adjustments to the application, and will hopefully release a public version over the coming weeks. I hope to try and get some of the example Max/Msp patches added to the Pachube examples on the Pachube site, with the hope of helping others who would like to use Pachube data in their own Max patches.

Also, i would expecially like to thank Rob at Pachube, for mentioning my university project on the Pachube Forum pages. Click here to read

I would also like to thank Usman Haque and all the staff at Pachube for the help they have given me over the past few months, expecially for the tutorial examples and forum posts on the site. My university project would not have been possible without the excellent documentation featured on the Pachube site.

As mentioned in the article, i’m currently a music student (who started exploring programming about 10 months ago), after originally using  Processing and Arduino, but more recently using Max/Msp.

The university project shown in the video (above) is hopefully going to culminate in a gallery installation (2011) which consists of a large map (exhibiton stand) with RGB LED’s placed at various locations on the map. The colours of each LED will respond directly to various data feeds from Pachube (my own energy usage is being incorporated into the project).

Speakers will be used to play the data as audible sinewaves, to hopefully raise awareness of energy consumption.


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