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Blog Update (June 12th 2011)

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Its been a while since i updated this blog, mainly due to finishing off course work and planning for the CSM011 Degree Show which took place at the Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport on May 6th/7th 2011.

Shown below is the final piece of work i submitted as my final project whilst studying ‘Creative Sound and Music’ at the University of Wales, Newport.

For best results listen wearing headphones! (click vimeo link to view in HD)

For those that have read this blog previously, you’ll know that i was originally planning to show my project as an art installation, allowing members of the public to ‘hear realtime networked electricity consumption as sound’. SEE THIS BLOG POST

Well, due to feedback from my tutors, i opted to create this short video which gives a slightly more cinematic feel to the work, and although the video is not realtime, the audio sinewaves (which represent the electricity consmption) were all exported as wavefiles in realtime from Max/Msp, then imported into Logic Pro and automated (stereo and surround pan). The video was created using Google Earth map imagery and then imported into Final Cut Pro.

I created 2 versions, one is a stereo mix where each marker on the map moves in the stereo field, and i also created a version in 5.1 surround sound.

The surround sound version meant placing the 5.1 surround speakers around the viewing screen to give the impression of sounds moving in a circular motion in front of the viewer.

The speaker configuration is as follows:

Front Left/Centre/Front Right (around the top of the screen)

Rear Left/Rear Right (around the bottom of the screen)

I’m currently planning on showing the original installation of the work (see this blog post) at the Big Little City exhibition in the Old Libray in the Hayes, Cardiff for the duration of 1-2 weeks (from Wednesday June 22nd). This will allow me to show my original concept for the project and i will be using the electricity consumption of the Old Library (in The Hayes, Cardiff) as part of the installation, allowing members of the public to hear the consumption as sound and to compare the energy usage with other locations around the globe in realtime.

Will post more details soon..


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