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Carbon Composition v2.0 (2014)

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OCT 29th 2014

Finally got around to posting a new blog post here. Been pretty busy with music production related things over the past 18 months and haven’t had much time to update the Carbon Composition website and App.

Today however, I’ve added a new version of the software (V2.0 for OSX & Windows computers) which can be download for free via the Carbon Composition DOWNLOAD PAGE.

Some of the previous data feeds were not broadcasting and so have since been updated. To update the feeds I used the SensMap Visualization Framework. A working demo can be found HERE which allows data feeds to be searched for on a ‘Google Map’ (similar to the original Pachube front page circa 2009).

Click image below for larger view.


As shown above, feeds can be selected by completing various fields such as ‘tag’ (e.g. Watts, Temperature) and ‘location’ (user scalable size).

As many may know, Pachube (founded in 2007) was acquired by the company LogMeIn in July 2011 and renamed to COSM (beta). Another rebranding brought COSM out of beta development and was rebranded as Xively.

The website has changed dramatically and now features even more excellent tutorials for a wider range of platforms (Raspberry Pi, Electric Imp and others). A more complete list can be found here.

The excellent API however remains largely the same, which has allowed projects such as Carbon Composition to be able to continue.

As mentioned previously, you can now download a free (limited functionality) version of Carbon Composition V2.0 for Mac and Windows platforms here. Installation details for using the free ‘Guest Key’ are found on the download page. The software will not run without the guest key being copied and pasted into the text input box (top left of the application).

As shown below:-


For further information on the Carbon Composition project CONTACT US.


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