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Uploading data to via an Adafruit Huzzah Feather ESP8266

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Been very busy the past few weeks planning a project in a local school which involves the use of various sensors on a range of projects.

Instead of using an arduino with wi-fi/ethernet shield, i opted to try out the Adafruit Huzzah Feather (ESP8266) module due to it’s portability and ease of use and so far I am very very impressed with it!

Took me a while to install a suitable SiLabs USB Driver (mac osx 10.10.5) as the newest version wouldn’t allow the Arduino IDE programming software to recognise the Huzzah Feather. Luckily the earlier legacy driver version fixed the problem completely.

I then tried running it on battery power after ordering a cheap 3.7v 600mAh battery from eBay.

Hoping the battery would last for days, unfortunately it only lasted a matter of hours, so I ended up learning how to send the Huzzah microcontroller into ‘deep sleep’ mode, switching itself on and of every 10 minutes to upload its data to

Thankfully the battery now last for +48 hours or more if the upload interval resolution is changed!

I have been checking out for the past month too, as another alternative to other IoT platforms out there and its a great platform.

I’ve managed to upload data to a channel:









and read it’s data in XML format directly in Max/MSP:









Lots more work to be getting on with, so I will try and post more updates soon!


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