The Sonic Landscape

Updates…coming soon!!

  I’m currently collating all of my university work for this semester (haven’t had much time to update this blog), although have lots of updates waiting to be added to this page very shortly! The CarbonCompositon standalone application (for Mac/PC formats) is being finalised and will be made available shortly through the website shown […]

Web Design (Update)

I’ve been making some progress with my website, trying to figure out XML code to embed SWF and HTML into my Flash site, and its coming on ok. I’ve also been adding bits of content to my webspace testing things out. I’ve put a Flash intro on my main page , just until my […]

Wireframe/Layout (Web Designs CSM4)

Early wireframe & layout designs (website development CSM4) 1) Wireframe (rough draft) ___________________________________________ 2) Wireframe Detail (rough design) _________________________________________________ 3) Info Page (layout design) _________________________________________________ 4) Video Page (layout design) ____________________________________________ 5) Music Page (layout design) __________________________________________________ 6) Home/Main Page (layout design)

Early draft of website design (animated view)

Below is an early draft (video) of my proposed website design, using Flash CS4. Please note, this version has since been updated and i will be adding more content over the next few weeks and months. I’ve purchased a domain name, with webspace, and will be adding content to the site before it goes ‘live’. […]

Early drafts of Flash web designs

I’ve been making various drafts to my artist site, using Flash CS4. Below is a JPEG showing my chosen design. I think the simple design works well, i’ve animated the menu and added ‘beeps’ when each navigational button is pressed.

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