The Sonic Landscape

Carbon Composition v2.0 (2014)

Finally got around to posting a new blog post here. Been pretty busy with music production related things over the past 18 months and haven’t had much time to update the Carbon Composition website and App. Today however, I’ve added a new version of the software (V2.0 for OSX & Windows computers) which can be […]


Its been a while since i posted anything on this blog, partly due to finishing all of my university course work and taking a few months to recover from it all. For anyone that has been reading this blog in the past, you may have read about some of the projects i had been involved […]

Current cost meter (past 4 days)

I’ve been using my current cost meter for the past few days and thought i would post a few screenshots of how i’ve managed to reduce my energy usage and lower my carbon footprint. Since buying the current cost meter i’ve been able to see which appliances waste the most energy, which has in turn, […]

Blog News!

Well its been a few weeks since i last posted anything, so here is a quick update.  I’ve been extremely busy finishing off my coursework this semester and planning my project for my final year of study next year.  I’m currently learning the basics of Processing (i’ve been using the software for quite while but […]

CSM Salon Event @Cardiff Arts Institute (May 24th 2010)

Upcoming show at the Cardiff Arts Institute (May 24th 2010), featuring performances and installation work created by students from the University of Wales, Newport (Creative Sound & Music degree course). Its definitely going to be another great show, with performances from Mike Fantastic, Jangle, Trwbador, Yaje and also MyNameIsIan. The event is shaping up to […]

Websites as graphs (work of Marcel Salathe)

Found a great link earlier on the visualcomplexity website, regarding graphical data analysis. The site has many examples of data visualisation. One example (by Marcel Salathe) displays websites as graphs using the HTML data, it creates a sort of graphical plant like structure, depending on which tags are present in the HTML code. ”blue: for […]

BigLittleCity (Project curated by Dan Green)

Following on from the success of his ‘Cardiff Characters‘ exhibition (2008), photographer Dan Green is currently curating a huge project called ‘Big Little City’. The project aims to collate many creative individuals who are working and living in Cardiff (South Wales, UK), and will culminate in a 4 month gallery exhibition located on the […]

Blog 2.0 (Bionic Blog Update)

Here is my first post at my new home (

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