The Sonic Landscape – 24 hrs of API requests (Video)

I recently found this video (shown below) on the website, i think its great! Its an amazing visual representation of how Pachube is ‘patching the planet’ (Video created by the Pachube team, using processing) It shows all the API requests (Data sent and received) over a 24 hour period. (Direct link to […]

HTML5 & CSS3 (good link)

I found a great website recently, showing the progress made regarding HTML5 integration into current browsers. ( I’ve also been hearing lots of good things about HTML5 and CSS3,  for example the Mozilla Audio API plugin, which allows audio to be generated without any other plugins being used. See below for an example (vimeo:

Updated content for geotagged soundmap

I’ve been on a few soundwalks this week as part of my live brief, adding more content to my geotagged soundmap (The Sonic Landscape). You can view the current map HERE One of my recent highlights was finding this ‘Resonating Barbecue’ (resonating at 583hz = note D5 (minus 13 cents)

Soundmap Test

I’ve been making progress with my  Soundmap (using Google Map API). I’ve got a test version hosted on my webspace, each map must be hosted on your webspace (my API key is linked to my ‘hosted page‘). Here is a quick test showing a marker linked to a field recording, It still needs a […]


Just found a very great website regarding sound-mapping using Google Maps API. Check out “Sound-seeker is a part of the NYSoundmap project of The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE), a New York metropolitan chapter of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology, an organization dedicated to exploring the role of sound in natural […]

Web Design (Update)

I’ve been making some progress with my website, trying to figure out XML code to embed SWF and HTML into my Flash site, and its coming on ok. I’ve also been adding bits of content to my webspace testing things out. I’ve put a Flash intro on my main page , just until my […]

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