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Arduino Article (Wired Magazine)

I found a great blog post on the! website, linking to a recent article written on The article looks into the rising popularity of the arduino and how it seems to be outshining its more advanced competitors due to its open source hardware foundation and its growing community of users. (read the full […]

Act against the digital economy bill (

More news on the proposed Digital Economy Bill   ( Link to article

How the Digital Economy bill is trying to kill open Wi-Fi networks (

Interesting article on the guardian website. (link

Click to download: The blogs bite back (

“Music bloggers looked to have fallen from favour – but don’t write them off just yet” Link to article (

( Exclusive album preview: Gil Scott-Heron – I'm New Here

Album preview on the guardian website LINK (i just ordered my copy from Amazon) Stunning album, my favourite track is ‘ I’ll take care of you’

Opposition to digital economy bill grows (

Interesting article on the Guardian website, looking into the implications of the ‘Digital Economy Bill’ if it becomes law. Link to article (

Digital Economy Bill: Harming Creative People

Interesting article LINK

BLUEBRAIN – Year One: Documentary Film Preview

Link to VIMEO (Video Preview) “Henry Markram is attempting to reverse engineer an entire human brain, one neuron at a time. This piece is an introduction to director Noah Hutton’s 10-year film-in-the-making that will chronicle the development of The Blue Brain Project, a landmark endeavor in modern neuroscience.”. (Article from VIMEO)

The Biology of Music: Why we like what we like

Interesting article by Maggie Koerth-Bake, looking at research by Dale Purves, Ph.D., professor of neurobiology at Duke University and director of the Duke-NUS Neuroscience Program in Singapore. Link to ARTICLE Link to RESEARCH PAPER – (written by: Kamraan Z. Gill, Dale Purve) – Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Neurobiology, Duke University, Durham, North […]

( Massive Attack's art of darkness

HELIGOLAND (2010) New Massive Attack album art banned on London Underground Interesting article on the guardian website. LINK (

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