The Sonic Landscape

Update#3 (July 5th 2010) Minim/Processing/Pachube/Arduino

I’ve made some more progress with my processing sketch, I’ve now got 7 waveforms independently playing a sinewave frequency, dependent on the realtime data values received from Pachube. Minim Pachube Test (July 5th 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. The 7 waveforms are panned Left to Right (from Top to Bottom) and each waveform frequency […]

Pachube data feeds

Since my Arduino workshop last weekend, i’ve managed to build quite a few circuits (scrolling LED matrix, IR sensor,  temperature sensor, photoresistor etc.) I’ve managed to input temperature values (TMP36 heat sensor) and light values (photoresistor) from Arduino, and get the information sent via the Serial Port, into Processing. I hope to add a few […]

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