The Sonic Landscape

Project Update November 21st 2010

Max/Msp standalone app (update Nov 21st 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Update Nov.21st 2010 The video above shows the final stages of my standalone max/msp application, using Pachube (electricity consumption) data to control audible sinewaves. As you can see in the video, i’ve now reverted back to the previous map display which adds much […]

Update#3 (July 5th 2010) Minim/Processing/Pachube/Arduino

I’ve made some more progress with my processing sketch, I’ve now got 7 waveforms independently playing a sinewave frequency, dependent on the realtime data values received from Pachube. Minim Pachube Test (July 5th 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. The 7 waveforms are panned Left to Right (from Top to Bottom) and each waveform frequency […]

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