The Sonic Landscape

Carbon Composition (performance installation May 2011)

Things have been very hectic for me over the past few months, finishing off university course work (Major Project pt. 1) and writing my dissertation. I’m now focusing on the next phase of my project (Major Project pt. 2) which will result in an interactive performance installation as part of my graduation show (taking place […]

Updated Pachube Max patch (August 8th 2010)

Pachube MaxMsp update (August 8th 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Updated video using Pachube data streams to control various sine-wave frequencies to create a self generative musical installation for university. (For best results listen through headphones or good quality speakers). The previous video i uploaded had some CPU problems and the pachube data was […]

Sound Fountain & Beatbox (work of Andy Huntington)

Just found an incredible website by Andy Huntington ( showcasing some of the installation work he has created in the past. I especially like the 2 projects below: Sound Fountain from Andy Huntington Sound Fountain from Andy Huntington on Vimeo. And also another of his creations called “Beatbox” Beatbox from Andy Huntington Beatbox from Andy […]

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