The Sonic Landscape

Noteput – Interactive music table (Jürgen Graef & Jonas Heuer)

Saw 2 great projects posted on the createdigitalmusic site, showcasing recent projects of Jürgen Graef & Jonas Heuer. (Link to article Below are 2 excellent videos, showing their work. NotePut: And the Clavilux 2000 – Interactive instrument for generative music visualization

Sound Fountain & Beatbox (work of Andy Huntington)

Just found an incredible website by Andy Huntington ( showcasing some of the installation work he has created in the past. I especially like the 2 projects below: Sound Fountain from Andy Huntington Sound Fountain from Andy Huntington on Vimeo. And also another of his creations called “Beatbox” Beatbox from Andy Huntington Beatbox from Andy […]

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