The Sonic Landscape

Pachube controlled Glockenspiel (Work in progress)

I finally got my ebay parcel of components yesterday and i now hope to incorporate many of the parts into the next phase of my Pachube project. I was lucky to win this item on ebay, which consists of 3 glockenspiels and a huge amount of solenoids, capacitors, diodes, relays, potentiometers, buttons, switches, PCB board, […]

Pachube Max/Msp Patch (video)

Pachube Processing Max Msp Test 1 (video) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Short video showing my current progress using global sensor data from to create audible sinewaves. (click here to view in HD fullscreen) I’ve recently rewritten most of the project using max/msp, mainly due to the clear sinewave tones and the ability to […]

Max/Msp Patch#2 (Pachube)

I’ve updated my Pachube Max/Msp patch by improving the interface and adding some new objects. (See the images below) Larger waveform displays have been added (and the colours have been changed). I’ve also added various text to give more details of the Pachube feeds used to generate the audible sinewaves. VU Meters to have been […]

MaxLink with Max/Msp

Quick update on my current project. I’ve recently been experimenting with the MaxLink (processing library) as a quick way to communicate between Processing and Max/Msp. I may look into using the OSC library as an alternative, but so far i’ve managed to generate the sine wave signals using Max/Msp which sound slightly better than using […]

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