The Sonic Landscape

Update#4 Pachube/Processing/Apple Motion/MIDI/Pro-53

(1st August 2010) This project has since been updated, Please click here to view updated video. _______________________________________________________ (July 24th 2010) (please note: the audio clicks and poor framerate in the video seem to be caused by my video screen capture software used to record the video) I’ve made quite a lot of progress over the […]

Using Processing/Pachube to send MIDI data

I’ve made quite a lot of progress this week with Processing after spending a huge amount of time learning some new code elements. I made progress with the processing libraries (theMidiBus and ProMIDI) and managed to get Pachube data values to control MIDI instruments (and midi controllers). Took a bit of time to get the […]

Update#3 (July 5th 2010) Minim/Processing/Pachube/Arduino

I’ve made some more progress with my processing sketch, I’ve now got 7 waveforms independently playing a sinewave frequency, dependent on the realtime data values received from Pachube. Minim Pachube Test (July 5th 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. The 7 waveforms are panned Left to Right (from Top to Bottom) and each waveform frequency […]

Update #2 (Processing/Minim/Pachube/Arduino)

I managed to fix the earlier problem with the waveform displays by creating extra outputs using the Minim Processing library. ( The waveforms were then drawn using the 4 separate outputs (instead of using the left/right channels) and this seems to have fixed the problem. I’ve also added colour coded text (matching the LED’s on […]

Update (Processing/Minim/Pachube/Arduino)

Processing (Minim & Pachube) 4 Sine-waves from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Quick update, I’ve been experimenting further with the ‘minim library’ for processing (beta version 2.1.0). I’ve now managed to control the frequency of 4 sine-wave waveforms using 4 separate data feeds from Pachube ( Each Pachube feed is receiving data corresponding to the wind […]

Minim Processing Library (Pachube + Arduino)

I’ve been experimenting today with the Minim sound library for Processing ( ( So far i’ve managed to incorporate a few elements with the data streams received from Pachube (, using the SineWave Signal example (included with processing). I’ve managed to get the frequency of the sinewave to be controlled by the wind direction in […]

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