The Sonic Landscape

Project Update November 19th 2010

Yet another update. I spent the morning replacing the previous map with this newer version. Hopefully, this new darker map helps to show the LED points on the map in more detail (Public Domain map courtesy of Nasa: LINK) The previous versions showed different map displays (more recently using a different public domain map from […]

Project Update (Oct 2nd) VIDEO

Project Update (Oct 2nd 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Short video showing the updated design for my university project. Please see earlier blog posts for more details on this project. (I replaced the previous video with this new version, fixed a few glitches with incorrect colours being displayed on the map regarding the Pachube […]

Current Cost meter (update)

Realtime electricity usage & CO2 emissions, using PachuDial (app by pachube). Got my data cable for my current cost meter a few days ago and i’m now uploading my realtime energy usage to Pachube (click here to view my feeds). I’ve already updated my Max/Msp patch to incorporate my own energy usage and its quite […]

Update#3 (July 5th 2010) Minim/Processing/Pachube/Arduino

I’ve made some more progress with my processing sketch, I’ve now got 7 waveforms independently playing a sinewave frequency, dependent on the realtime data values received from Pachube. Minim Pachube Test (July 5th 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. The 7 waveforms are panned Left to Right (from Top to Bottom) and each waveform frequency […]

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