The Sonic Landscape

Carbon Composition (performance installation May 2011)

Things have been very hectic for me over the past few months, finishing off university course work (Major Project pt. 1) and writing my dissertation. I’m now focusing on the next phase of my project (Major Project pt. 2) which will result in an interactive performance installation as part of my graduation show (taking place […]

Max/Msp Standalone Application (Video)

Recent video detailing my current university project (using data provided by and Current Cost). The project converts real-time energy consumption data from various locations around the globe and converts this data (from watts to hertz) to generate audible sine-waves. StatsInSound Stats In Sound Pachube MaxMSP Standalone App (Oct 30th 2010) from Guy Evans on […]

Parsing XML Data directly into Max/Msp

(This post has since been updated, click HERE to view the updated max/msp patch) Had quite a busy and stressful week, working very long hours each day trying to parse XML data from Pachube directly into Max/Msp. I had some feedback from my tutors last week and came to the decision of trying to make […]

Carbon Composition

Recent upload to Soundcloud (short example of my university project). See earlier blog posts for further details on the project. Carbon Composition by Guy Evans Huge thanks to Usman Haque (and all the Pachube staff) and also to Current Cost. This project would not have been possible without their help.

Project Update (Oct 2nd) VIDEO

Project Update (Oct 2nd 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Short video showing the updated design for my university project. Please see earlier blog posts for more details on this project. (I replaced the previous video with this new version, fixed a few glitches with incorrect colours being displayed on the map regarding the Pachube […]

MaxLink with Max/Msp

Quick update on my current project. I’ve recently been experimenting with the MaxLink (processing library) as a quick way to communicate between Processing and Max/Msp. I may look into using the OSC library as an alternative, but so far i’ve managed to generate the sine wave signals using Max/Msp which sound slightly better than using […]

Update (Processing/Minim/Pachube/Arduino)

Processing (Minim & Pachube) 4 Sine-waves from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Quick update, I’ve been experimenting further with the ‘minim library’ for processing (beta version 2.1.0). I’ve now managed to control the frequency of 4 sine-wave waveforms using 4 separate data feeds from Pachube ( Each Pachube feed is receiving data corresponding to the wind […]

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