The Sonic Landscape

Project Update November 21st 2010

Max/Msp standalone app (update Nov 21st 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Update Nov.21st 2010 The video above shows the final stages of my standalone max/msp application, using Pachube (electricity consumption) data to control audible sinewaves. As you can see in the video, i’ve now reverted back to the previous map display which adds much […]

Project Update November 19th 2010

Yet another update. I spent the morning replacing the previous map with this newer version. Hopefully, this new darker map helps to show the LED points on the map in more detail (Public Domain map courtesy of Nasa: LINK) The previous versions showed different map displays (more recently using a different public domain map from […]

Max/Msp Standalone Application – Project Update (November 18th 2010)

(Click image to view full screen) Update (Nov 18th 2010) Spent much of the day rebuilding my Max/Msp standalone application, after trying out various new ideas on how the interface should look. The previous versions were originally designed for a gallery installation planned for 2011 (consisting of a large printed map with RGB leds) although, […]

Updated Pachube Max patch (August 8th 2010)

Pachube MaxMsp update (August 8th 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Updated video using Pachube data streams to control various sine-wave frequencies to create a self generative musical installation for university. (For best results listen through headphones or good quality speakers). The previous video i uploaded had some CPU problems and the pachube data was […]

Pachube Max/Msp Patch (video)

Pachube Processing Max Msp Test 1 (video) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. Short video showing my current progress using global sensor data from to create audible sinewaves. (click here to view in HD fullscreen) I’ve recently rewritten most of the project using max/msp, mainly due to the clear sinewave tones and the ability to […]

Max/Msp Patch#2 (Pachube)

I’ve updated my Pachube Max/Msp patch by improving the interface and adding some new objects. (See the images below) Larger waveform displays have been added (and the colours have been changed). I’ve also added various text to give more details of the Pachube feeds used to generate the audible sinewaves. VU Meters to have been […]

Update#3 (July 5th 2010) Minim/Processing/Pachube/Arduino

I’ve made some more progress with my processing sketch, I’ve now got 7 waveforms independently playing a sinewave frequency, dependent on the realtime data values received from Pachube. Minim Pachube Test (July 5th 2010) from Guy Evans on Vimeo. The 7 waveforms are panned Left to Right (from Top to Bottom) and each waveform frequency […]

Update #2 (Processing/Minim/Pachube/Arduino)

I managed to fix the earlier problem with the waveform displays by creating extra outputs using the Minim Processing library. ( The waveforms were then drawn using the 4 separate outputs (instead of using the left/right channels) and this seems to have fixed the problem. I’ve also added colour coded text (matching the LED’s on […]

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