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Blog Update (June 12th 2011)

Its been a while since i updated this blog, mainly due to finishing off course work and planning for the CSM011 Degree Show which took place at the Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport on May 6th/7th 2011. Shown below is the final piece of work i submitted as my final project whilst studying ‘Creative Sound and […]

Max/Msp Standalone Application (Video)

Recent video detailing my current university project (using data provided by and Current Cost). The project converts real-time energy consumption data from various locations around the globe and converts this data (from watts to hertz) to generate audible sine-waves. StatsInSound Stats In Sound Pachube MaxMSP Standalone App (Oct 30th 2010) from Guy Evans on […]

Update #2 (Processing/Minim/Pachube/Arduino)

I managed to fix the earlier problem with the waveform displays by creating extra outputs using the Minim Processing library. ( The waveforms were then drawn using the 4 separate outputs (instead of using the left/right channels) and this seems to have fixed the problem. I’ve also added colour coded text (matching the LED’s on […] – 24 hrs of API requests (Video)

I recently found this video (shown below) on the website, i think its great! Its an amazing visual representation of how Pachube is ‘patching the planet’ (Video created by the Pachube team, using processing) It shows all the API requests (Data sent and received) over a 24 hour period. (Direct link to […]

Video by Patrick Jean (

Just found this incredible video created by Patrick Jean (from the Paris-based special effect studio One More Production) Amazing motion tracking skills, well worth seeing!! Check it out below (or click here) PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Arts and animation videos.

JAZARI (Mechanical Percussion)

This is incredible!

The Evolution of Remix Culture

Found this video on

The Orchestrion

“The Orchestrion is a project by the musical robotic specialists LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots)”.

BLUEBRAIN – Year One: Documentary Film Preview

Link to VIMEO (Video Preview) “Henry Markram is attempting to reverse engineer an entire human brain, one neuron at a time. This piece is an introduction to director Noah Hutton’s 10-year film-in-the-making that will chronicle the development of The Blue Brain Project, a landmark endeavor in modern neuroscience.”. (Article from VIMEO)

Chime (Music Game Xbox360)

Just found this, looks pretty amazing! “Players place blocks against the clock, remix famous artists music tracks and contribute to childrens charities around the world. More than 60 percent of the purchase price of Chime will be donated to charities around the world, helping those who need it the most.”

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