The Sonic Landscape


I’m interested in the link between the visual and the audible.

Below are some examples of my work (video/images)

1) Out of Space

Out of Space (inspired by Alvin Lucier) from Guy Evans on Vimeo.

Recent video installation created for a university project, inspired by Alvin Lucier and his recording ‘I am sitting in a room’.
Created entirely from using layers of reverb (space), video created by removing layers of effects in Apple Motion.
I’m currently studying at the University of Wales, Newport (Creative Sound & Music)


2) Recycle

Recycle (Apple Motion Audio/Sync) from Guy Evans on Vimeo.

Video i created last year for a university project, using Apple Motion (Final Cut Pro) and Logic Pro, all audio tracks are independently triggering the video layers.

I created the music by ‘sampling’ loads of junk from my recycle bin at home (plastic bottle, glass jar, egg carton, coffee jar, paper bag, juice carton etc..etc.)

Apologies for the poor sound quality, its due to the video compression.

(previously uploaded on Youtube)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


Below is the DVD menu for the artist ‘BTR(track title: Track One)

Created for a recent university project by: John Tovey, Guy Evans, Drew Burman, Dewi Williams, Jim Ramsey and Dan Burston

DVD Menu for the artist: ‘BTR’ – Track one’ (I hope to upload the full music video over the next few days)


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