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Listen to your Carbon Footprint!

Carbon Composition is an educational project created by Guy Evans using data provided by The project aims to raise awareness to energy conservation by converting realtime household energy consumption into sound.

We hope to incorporate the project into schools and colleges, by providing a fun and exciting way of getting people to think about saving energy!

The project incorporates energy saving devices from Current Cost Ltd. which are are available to purchase from either and also

Please show your support to Current Cost Ltd by purchasing one of their energy saving devices today!

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Download the app!

Download a free version of the application (on the Download page)

Use the built in mixing console to interact with the realtime networked energy data! Lower musical tones are linked to low energy usage! Compare different locations and hear the results!


About the project

Carbon Composition is a project which converts real-time electricity consumption data from households across the globe into a musical performance.

Each time the software interface is explored, a random score of self-generated music is created, linked to the real-time household electricity consumption data. The project hopes to inform and educate the public, schools and businesses into thinking about how they consume energy and to think about how their energy is sourced (fossil/solar/wind energy).


For a brief overview of the project, please watch the video below:


Listen to an audio extract of CarbonComposition below: