The Project

Background information

The CarbonComposition project (created by Guy Evans), incorporates realtime data provided by with energy saving devices produced by Current Cost Ltd.

Why was it created?

The project was created to help and inform the public, by raising awareness to issues such as energy conservation and climate change.

What inspired the project?

The project began in 2010 as part of a university project which incorporated various sensors with an arduino microcontroller ( however after being introduced to the Pachube/Cosm platform in Feb 2010, Guy began sharing his own sensor data and converting this data into sound.

After buying an Current Cost energy monitor from Current Cost Ltd in Sept 2010, Guy began monitoring his own electricity usage and in just a few months he had managed to half his electricity usage, which in turn led to the creation of the CarbonComposition project.

Originally created as a simple Processing sketch (using the Minim library), the project soon migrated to the Max/Msp platform, a graphical programming language created by